Customized Package according to your needs

Dancefloor Intelligent Lighting:

Let’s bring your special event to the next level, whether you envision your reception in a nightclub ambiance or a more subtle atmosphere, with our computerized intelligent lighting we can create the right lighting design that goes according with your preferences. Customized intelligent lighting gives the ability to synchronize light effects with the music being played, use them as spotlight for first dances and speeches or strobe effects for grand entrances. Intelligent lighting creates a great impact to the overall atmosphere of your reception.

Uplighting Décor:

Uplighting creates a truly warm atmosphere to the overall space while you and your guest enjoy dinner, in addition to amazing visual effects during the dance to make your guests to reveal their wild party sides. Uplights are completely wireless, digitally controlled, and can be customized to the color of your preference.

Monogram Projection:

Add that touch of personal style and uniqueness by elegantly displaying your signature name to the wall or on the dancefloor. Variety of templates are available.

Dance in the Clouds:

Make your first dance looks spectacular with this low-lying fog effect. Dance in the clouds is the perfect enhancement to capture amazing photo or video.

Professional MC:

Spice up the night by having MC Philip Bell elaborate all the announcements during your ceremony, dinner, grand entrance; in addition to the high level of energy and excitement he brings out to the dancefloor when it’s party time. Philip is a professional actor who has appeared in tv commercials and a variety of theatrical plays.